How can you help

Maintain a watching brief

Watch for news on the Council website or for the distinctive yellow DA signs around the site which will tell you that a new DA has been lodged.

Once the DA process has started.

Go online and look at the proposed details and form your own opinion. Then contact us and find out what the SaveBerrysBay team think, which will be posted on the WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PROPOSAL page, and what plans are being prepared to respond appropriately. These may entail:

Submissions on the DA.

Submissions  can be as brief as you wish.  You could extract (in your own words) points from our “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PROPOSAL” tab above, or raise any other issues you wished.

Submissions should be addressed  to the General Manager, North Sydney Council,  quoting the new  DA number xxx/2017 and title Berrys Bay Marina.

You can submit by:

  • Mail – to The General Manager, North Sydney Council, PO Box 12, North Sydney NSW 2059, or
  • Email – to  for attention of  The General Manager North Sydney Council , or
  • Fax – to 9936 8177

Sign our online petition 

Go to  and search for ‘berrys bay’. In the comments box add your reasons for signing the petition.

Spread the word

o   Encourage family, friends and neighbours to sign our online petition

o   Like us on Facebook

o   Follow us on Twitter  


Lobby Councillors

Because the determining authority for this DA will be a Planning Panel under the auspices of the NSW Department of Planning or the Greater Sydney Commission, North Sydney Councillors will not directly determine the outcome of the DA assessment. However the Councillors will vote on a resolution regarding the DA for submission to the JRPP.  Therefore it would be very helpful to convey your position to North Sydney Ward Councillors.  You will find their contact details at

 If you want more detailed information about the proposal:

  • Enter the DA number into the DA  Tracking Search on Council’s website at , or

  • View a printed copy of the DA at Council’s Customer Service Centre, where a model of the proposal is on display, or at Department of Planning & Environment, 23-33 Bridge Street.

Attend the Planning Panel hearing:

We will keep all  supporters informed by email as events unfold, including the date of the public  Planning Panel hearing.  A big roll-up of interested people to that hearing would reinforce the extent of community concern.  That hearing could be a couple of months away.

Contact us for further information at: