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North Sydney Council has placed the following message on its website :

Berrys Bay Marina Proposal

An amended application with additional details has been lodged with North Sydney Council for a marina development in Berrys Bay, Waverton.

The amended application and additional details have been in response to Council’s letter of 12 October 2015.

The application seeks consent for the partial demolition and adaptive reuse of existing development and construction of an 84 berth marina, sewage pump-out facilities, dry stack boat storage, adaptive reuse of two storey building and construction of two new buildings containing caretaker’s apartment, yacht club, kiosk and non-residential tenancies, launch area for small craft, parking for 120 cars, landscaping and foreshore access works, and ancillary works and structures such as roads, infrastructure and amenities.

The full development application and the accompanying documents, including the Environmental Impact Statement, may be inspected online.

View this DA 260/2015 plans online

And also between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted) at Council Chambers and also at the Department of Planning and Environment’s office located at 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney, during the advertising period of 22 January to 22 February 2016.

Email from Pacifica Developments’ Community Liaison Manager to Community Reference Group (CRG) members – 20 August 2014

“Apologies we haven’t provided an update sooner, the Development Application is still going through the process required for lodgement and the lodgement date hasn’t been confirmed as yet.

Please be assured that we will be contacting the CRG members once timing for lodgement is confirmed and a meeting of the group will be scheduled”.

Letter to Minister for Roads and Freight – 15 July 2014

Precinct has again written to the Minister for Roads and Freight pointing out that RMS will be in breach of its own policy, if it  gives permission for Pacifica Developments to lodge a Development Application which includes a super yacht marina facility in and around the existing disused BP dolphin wharf, because RMS policy expressly stipulates that a proposed development on NSW Maritime’s submerged lands must be a waterside structure with a functional relationship to the use of the adjacent dry or reclaimed land.  

To read the full letter click here ‘Letter to Minister for Roads and Freight 15 July 2014‘ and for the attachment referred to in the letter click on ‘Pacifica Proposal per 7:30 NSW annotated‘.

Update from developer on lodgement of development application - 30 June 2014

On 30 June 2014 the Community Liaison Manager for Pacifica Developments’ Berrys Bay project provided the following update to members of the developer-appointed Community Reference Group:

The project team is proceeding through the various steps required prior to lodgement of a development application as is usual under an agreement for lease. These final stages require quite a bit of administrative coordination of all parties involved and we anticipate it will be a few more weeks”.

Letter to Minister for Finance & Services – 24 June 2014

Precinct has written to the Minister for Finance & Services who is responsible for Government Property NSW (GPNSW), which controls the land component of the Berrys Bay marina site.  In the letter Precinct points out that although RMS is the Government’s lead agency managing the marina proposal, GPNSW has responsibility to ensure compliance with the SHREP 2005 legislation to protect the Harbour and its foreshores and to act in the public interest. Precinct requests a meeting while there is still time for the Minister to intervene to ensure the development is brought back to the appropriate scale.  

To read the full letter click here Letter to Minister for Finance & Services 24 June 2014 . For the attachment referred to in the letter click on Pacifica’s Berrys Bay Proposal.

Watch us on ABC1 “7.30 NSW”

Our spokespersons for the Save Berrys Bay campaign have been interviewed on site regarding the Berrys Bay marina issues and it went to air on the ABC1 TV program “7.30 NSW” at 7.30pm Friday 23 May 2014. If you have missed the live broadcast or want to watch it again, it is available on:

ABC Report


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