Great news! Berrys Bay Marina DA unanimously rejected!

In an historic decision the Joint Regional Planning Panel on 5 May 2016 unanimously rejected the Berrys Bay Marina Company’s Development Application for a superyacht marina in Berrys Bay. The Panel  accepted the recommendation of North Sydney Council’s independent assessor that the DA be refused. The Panel’s principal reason for refusal of the application was “the high intensity of the proposed use”, with the amount of marina proposed “too much for the character of the Bay”.

Importantly, the Panel believes that the dolphin wharf should be excluded from any marina and that in the western part of the Bay, Woodley’s Cove, the water area and size of boats should be reduced, as we have been arguing for a very long time now.

To read the Panel’s Decision go tohttp://www.jrpp.nsw.gov.au/Meetings/tabid/82/ctl/view/JRPP_ID/2315/mid/460/a/1/language/en-AU/Default.aspx  and click on the link “Determination and Statement of Reasons (Panel Decision).

This is a great success for the Save Berrys Bay campaign to ensure that any re-development in beautiful Berrys Bay is of a character and scale appropriate to the natural and heritage values of this very special place.  The success results from the tireless work of many people over a very long time, and from the strong public support for this community campaign.   We thank all supporters for their fine submissions and strong attendance at the various extremely well-attended public meetings since the campaign commenced in 2009.

What happens next?  The applicant could choose to appeal to the Land and Environment Court against the determination of the Joint Regional Planning Panel any time within 6 months of this Panel decision.  We will have to wait and see on that.

Meanwhile we will seek to engage with government in an endeavour to achieve a speedy and proper outcome for the Bay consistent with its natural and heritage values as part of the restored Waverton Peninsula.

You can contact us for further information at wavertonprecinct@icloud.com

We will continue to keep you informed.

A section of 200 people at JRPP meeting 5 May 2016

A section of 200 people at JRPP meeting 5 May 2016