Council engaged an external town planning consultant to assess the DA.  In an initial assessment the consultant identified a large number of  issues, leading to Council writing to the applicant requesting further information and changes.  The applicant has now submitted supplementary material, which Council is checking for adequacy before handing it over to the external consultant to complete assessment of the DA.

At this stage Council expects to “re-notify” the DA in late January, which means it would go on public exhibition again for 30 days (approximately the month of February), during which time members of the public can make written submissions on the amended DA.  Council expects to lodge the DA and the external consultant’s assessment with a Planning Panel for determination of the fate of the application in April.  (The expectation had been that the determining authority would be a Joint Regional Planning Panel, but it now appears that it might be the Sydney Planning Panel within the new Greater Sydney Commission which the Government has established in recent weeks).

Although the public exhibition is a number of weeks away, you can already now view revised and additional material on North Sydney Council’s website by going to the DA Tracking page and searching for DA number 260/2015.

The applicant still proposes an unacceptably large over-development, with no reduction in the number and size of boats proposed: 84 big boats berthed on-water (including 34 superyachts over 25m long, two which up to 45m long), with up to another 70 boats in dry stack storage, making up to 154 additional boats in Berrys Bay.

Thank you again for your interest and support to Save Berrys Bay from massive over-development. We will continue to keep you informed on the status of the DA.